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As your private chef, I create custom food to fit your lifestyle and cook for you and your family in your own home.

 Rather than offering one-size-fits-all packages (i.e. five meals per week with 4 servings each), I work with you to figure out how my services can best serve you. As a registered dietitian, I help identify opportunities for nourishing improvements, and as a chef, I help fill those gaps with delicious food. 

Not a family who sits down to dinner every night, but eats on-the-go instead? I won't leave you with knife-and-fork meals. Love cooking dinner, but not so crazy about the prep? I'll leave everything prepped and ready in your fridge. 



  • We meet to discuss your food habits and preferences, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle.
  • I create a menu and cooking plan to help make your life easier through home-cooked food.
  • We set a time and date for me to stock your fridge with food that fits your needs.
  • I shop for groceries, cook in your kitchen, and leave it spotless. 


Charging hourly rather than per serving allows me the flexibility to meet your unique needs. Private chef services are $75/hour. For a personalized quote, please book a complimentary consultation!


Working with you to create realistic, nourishing changes through food is my passion.


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I offer recipe development services for brands and bloggers interested in showcasing nutritious products.

As a registered dietitian and classically trained chef, I develop unique, creative, and approachable recipes. My goal is to create recipes that nourish peoples' bodies while inspiring joyfulness in the process of creating and eating food. I believe that food is nutritious not only when it acts as fuel for your body, but when it nourishes your mind and fosters a healthy relationship with food, and I am always ecstatic to work with brands who share these values.