Hi, I'm Jackie.

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I'm a registered dietitian and chef who's passionate about creating community through food.


My philosophy

I believe in connecting with others through food. Cooking, sharing, teaching, and learning through food all create community in a way that nothing else can, and that's because food does not discriminate. Everyone has something to teach, as well as something to learn, about food. This mutuality is essential for authentic community, and communities built on food should be accessible to all. Food is a common ground on which everyone should be able to stand.

I believe that health should be accessible and realistic, and I believe that health becomes reality when people appreciate food as connection and community, rather than solely as fuel. Health is not about the sum of the parts of the food that you eat—it’s about the connection you have with your food and your body. That connection is very intentional—it requires care, effort, and mindfulness. It is lived out differently by different people. I foster my own health by cooking and creating relationships and connections with the people who produce the ingredients that I use in my cooking.

Food brings people together, and everyone should have a seat at the table. 


I've been cooking and creating my whole life - from making pepparkakor gingerbread cookies with my grandmother every Christmas to licking a bowl of brownie batter in a onesie and dress-up high heels. I first  found my legs in a professional kitchen at the tender (and probably illegal) age of 13, spinning milkshakes at a Washington, D.C. burger joint owned by my culinary idol. From there I fell in love with learning about the food industry and connecting with people who are passionate about food.  While in high school, I started a food blog (by the shortsighted name "Healthy Teen Foodie") and spent nearly all of my free time creating recipes and photographing the dinners I cooked for my family every night. 

After a short spurt of doubt and the urge to become a professional beaded headband designer, I followed my passion for food and attended culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. In Providence I continued to develop my love for the connections that food offers and delved into what a food-forward career in nutrition could look like. I started a private chef business, taught cooking classes on the weekends, did cooking demonstrations at the farmers market, and made connections with every like-minded student and dietitian I could find. After graduating from Johnson & Wales with a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Nutrition, I continued on my path to becoming a registered dietitian by moving to Saint Louis for grad school. I completed a dietetic internship and grad school program at Saint Louis University, and now hold a Masters Degree in Nutrition with an emphasis on Culinary Entrepreneurship. 

I fell in love with the community I found at a local coffee shop in Saint Louis and ended up developing a pastry program for their new cafe venture, taking on the title of head pastry chef. From there, I ventured out on my own and headed west. I now live in Seattle with my girlfriend and our dog and cat, and proudly title myself as a private chef, a recipe developer, a food activist, and most importantly, a neighbor.