Tuesday, October 23, 2012

College Cooking: Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

Slowly but surely, I'm finding more things to cook in college, which makes me very happy!

However, I'm also struggling a little bit to keep up good nutrition habits in college (big surprise there, huh?). I feel like everything I'm eating is generally healthy but it's just really hard to make sure I'm eating lots of vegetables and a variety of proteins, getting enough healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, etc. when I'm living off convenience food and boring salad bars. So, my goal is to keep doing my best by cooking my own food when I can and making sure I'm not eating too much junk, even when everyone else is snacking on endless Halloween candy.

One great snack I've come up with is this amazing peanut butter yogurt dip. It's a perfect combination of healthy fats, protein, and carbs that keeps me full and satisfied after a long run. I enjoyed it simply with apple slices and then decided to sandwich a spoonful between two banana slices and freeze it. Amazing. It was a fantastic dessert that reminded me of peanut butter ice cream or Dibs (maybe drizzle them with a little melted chocolate?). Yum.

Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip
1 6 oz container plain greek yogurt
2 tablespoons creamy or crunchy peanut butter (I had crunchy on hand)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice
a drizzle of honey or other sweetener, to taste

1. Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl or in the greek yogurt container.


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